Vonda Henry, CPA
The Tax Resolution Specialist
VKH Accounting Services, LLC.
Email vonda@vkhacctserv.com
Telephone: (678-)681-1596

Welcome New Clients!

Feel free to call or email before setting an appointment with me, if you have questions not addressed here. All information is kept strictly confidential. Questions are designed to assist me in quoting you a fee, or an appropriate "settlement option" etc.

I do cutoff acceptance of new tax clients near the end of the filing season as I reach capacity. Please come in before April 5th to insure good service. Prior clients are guaranteed appointments through the filing deadline.


For my new tax representation clients, an in person meeting is always best.

If you have a business, it is a good idea to speak with me before we set your tax preparation appointment to ensure that I will be a good fit for your needs. For your protection (and mine), I insist that small business clients maintain good records and agree to follow the law. My job is to accurately prepare your returns and work with you to legally minimize your tax liability, while taking advantage of loopholes, deductions, and credits that can benefit you.