Vonda Henry, CPA
The Tax Resolution Specialist
VKH Accounting Services, LLC.
Email vonda@vkhacctserv.com
Telephone: (678-)681-1596

File Your Own Taxes

Although our company wants to be your accountant, we realize that people with simple returns may not want to hire a tax professional to prepare their return. Therefore, we have provided a service where you can prepare and file your own return. But of course, we are here to prepare your return if you change your mind.

General Fee Schedule


Federal return      No cost

State return          $9.95 Each


Federal return      $19.95

State return          $14.95 Each


Federal return      $39.95

State return          $19.95 Each

Extensions $14.95

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1040.com is an affiliate partner with VKH Accounting Services, LLC. With this software you will be able to get your refund check direct deposited into your bank, deposited on a E-1 VISA card or mailed to your home.